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What can Nature’s Options, LLC. do for me?

Our 30 years of experience using Iridology, herbal nutrition, dietary counsulting, supplement recommendation and consulting on emotions enable us to pinpoint areas in your body that need strengthening. At Natures Options llc.,  a unique health center for natural options; We know that only only physicians can diagnose and treat disease, but as you work with your doctor, you may certainly benefit from nature's wisdom and common sense laws to strengthen weaknesses and correct imbalances. As healthy lifestyle “teachers" and "Healers" we offer you a choice of modalities that can most benefit you.

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Founder's Message

Thirty-two years ago, I was introduced to Iridology and alternative health. Since that life changing moment, my personal journey has lead me to places throughout the United States and Europe to engage in some of the most in-depth study available in the field. I acknowledge Dr. Bernard Jensen DC., ND. for his personal teachings and books that made me love this beautiful science. To Dr. J.R. Christopher (world renowned Herbalist), Dr. Joseph Deck (Institute for Fundamental Research in Iris Diagnosis), Dr.Willy Hauser (Institute for Fundamental Research in Iris Diagnosis) and especially Dr. Harri Wolf, M.A. for his personal teachings on his pioneering work. Over the years, in addition to developing a private practice, I have hosted a holistic radio program, been a guest speaker on many television shows and have been invited to lecture throughout the United States on Iridology. I follow the advances of Iris analysis and have also developed my own techniques, which are to be published in the near future.

Iridology can provide a unique, easy, non-invasive, painless way to obtain information about your health. This alternative healing tool for information is very much accepted in Europe as well as many other countries around the world and is part of a holistic experience or approaches where you use all information gathered to restore wellness to any imbalance in your system. Just imagine the value of being able to tell from outside of your body (your eyes) where imbalances, tendencies, genetic predispositions and toxic buildup are occurring inside of your body. Once gaining this information, it must be interpreted by a truly experienced and knowledgeable practitioner who has years, not weeks of study. The eyes must be appreciated not only as the windows of the soul, but as the mirrors of the body.

At our unique healing center for natural options, our suggested dietary changes, herbs, minerals, vitamin supplement recommendations, life style adjustments are intended to compliment and not replace your physician’s recommendations. Sometimes combining the best of both worlds makes the most logical sense.

Iridology is able to bring forth information about physical and emotional stressors that affect a person's health. It can also explain how our personal history, relationships, family, job and position in the community affect our daily life. In addition, Iridology also deals with emotions, herbal nutrition, and diet. For us, herbal nutrition and diet are part of complimentary medicine and wellness. We must learn that improper diet, poor elimination and how the negative way we think and feel about ourselves and others can contribute too many of the disturbances in our system.

Holistic medicine is a philosophy and awareness in healthcare, which encourages looking at a person as a whole and emphasizes personal responsibility for lifestyle and wellness. Alternative health focuses on client education and participation in the healing process. I feel that everything affects an individual's health; all factors, no matter how big or small, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental. All interconnect and affect one another therefore personal growth and personal development and self empowerment classes are part of learning how to let go of some of the things that break us down on a daily basis. Through our classes we can help you find what works for you, but we are also aware that sometimes one on one consulting is needed for individual private concerns.  At Nature’s Options, LLC. We are about knowledge, experience, support and care. I am excited about what Iridology and our unique health center has to offer, and I am excited about offering it to you.

Mario Romero, Healer

Clinical Iridologist, NH, ND

Founder, Nature's Options, LLC

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