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Classes and Seminars

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Our classes provide valuable tools for individuals to learn to communicate more effectively, set boundaries and feel more confident. By using these tools the past can be healed, allowing us to create a happier future.  Do you struggle with low self-esteem, poor self-image, self judgment, lack of assertiveness, or wish you could communicate more effectively with the opposite sex?  These classes provide a safe, confidential environment to learn, practice, and celebrate what you have learned to improve the way you feel and experience life.

Take a minute to review the topics we cover in our mini-series.  Each class meets once a week for 1 ½ hours.  If it makes you more comfortable, bring a friend.   Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7 – 8:30 PM EST.  If those times don’t work for you, send us an e-mail, as new classes are always forming.   

Isn’t it about time that you stopped living in the pain of the past?  Most of us continue to do so, not because we like it, but because we don’t know how to approach our life differently.  If attending a class could help you, isn’t it worth your time?  We are always happy to suggest which group you may find most helpful, and/or would feel most comfortable in.   Interested but not quite sure we’re right for you?  Give us a call and we’ll welcome you to try a class at no obligation.



Letting Go of the Past

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If you want to make room for new furniture, you need to get rid of your old furniture. If you want to make room for positive changes in your life, you need to let go of the negative habits, patterns and baggage from your past.  This class will help you understand what you must do to let go of the past and teach you how to clear the way for positive new experiences in your life.  

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Poor Self Image

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The way you perceive yourself may or may not be the way others perceive you. This class will help you identify the image that you project to the world. When you have a poor self-image, it negatively affects every aspect of your life. Become aware of how others see you. This class will help you teach you why Self-awareness is the first step to understanding what you really want to project and give your tools to begin to make the changes to create a more positive self-image.          

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Defeating Low Self Esteem

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Just because you have low self-esteem does not mean that you must live with it forever. This class provides an opportunity for you to learn valuable skills to help you defeat the underlying causes of your poor self esteem and make the changes necessary to graduate to the next level. Improving your relationship with yourself  can help you defeat low self-esteem.

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Getting What You Want

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The only way to get what you want is to know what you want. This class will help you identify what and who influence the choices you make, and why you limit yourself.  Do you like to please others? Are you more concerned about doing the “right” thing than what makes you happy? As you begin to feel more confident about pleasing yourself, you will begin to be able to feel comfortable about asking and getting what you want.

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Dealing With Rejection

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No one likes to be rejected, but everyone has to deal with rejection at one time or another. This class will help you understand that rejection is not always about you and teach you tools to deal with rejection. In addition, in a safe setting, you will be guided to explore, deal with, and begin to heal the hurt of any past rejection. 

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Fear of Being Alone

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There is a difference between being alone and feeling alone. Feeling alone (Abandonment) can make you feel empty and unfulfilled which can aggravate your internalized stress, feed despair, and intensify self-doubt. Being Alone (Solitude) can bring fulfillment through inspiration, provide freedom from distractions, and nourish body, mind, and spirit. In this class you will begin to understand that it is your perception that determines whether your experiences are negative or positive.  Being happy or feeling loved is not a result of your relationship with others, but the result of your relationship with yourself. This class can help you understand why it is necessary to develop self-acceptance and self-love before you can be alone without feeling lonely. 

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Self Judgment

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Are you aware of your own self-judgment? Do you compare yourself with others and then feel inadequate, intimidated or unacceptable? Self-judgment can be very unproductive and destructive when we wrongfully judge ourselves. It is one of the major causes of fear, guilt, anger, low self-esteem, indecisiveness, anxiety and depression. This class will help you develop an awareness of how and when you judge yourself, why you judge yourself, and how these judgments impact you feelings. This class will help you fire your harsh inner judge and begin to free yourself from its control. Everyone feels better when they are accepted, nurtured and loved. It starts from within.

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Personal Boundaries - Protecting Your Emotional Self

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Do you feel that others take advantage of your good nature? Are you resentful or worn out because your kids, boss, significant other, or friends ask too much of you?  Don’t blame others, and don’t expect others to know your limits unless you communicate them. If you came from a family that did not respect personal boundaries, you may not know what to do. Being able to set personal boundaries is an essential component to protecting yourself and taking responsibility for your self-care. This class will teach you to recognize what healthy relationships look like and how you can identify, set, and confidently communicate personal boundaries without being offensive.

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Understanding My Personality

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This fascinating class will use Emotional iridology to help you understand more about yourself and your individual personality traits. Understanding your personality traits can increase your awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, so you can optimize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Do you ever wonder why you sometimes over react, or do you wonder what parts of your personality make you likeable? Having insight into your personality traits and the personality traits of others can help you be more effective in all of your relationships. 

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Controlling Your Thoughts

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We understand the importance of respectful communication in our relationships with family, coworkers and friends.  Yet, we often do not treat ourselves with the same respect. How often have you thought to yourself, “ I am so stupid” or “ I look fat” or  “I am a loser.”  These thoughts are hurtful and reinforce feelings of poor self-esteem and low self worth. This class will help you become more aware of your negative thought patterns and help you form more positive habits of thinking that contribute to positive personal growth.  If you do not control your thoughts, your thoughts will control you.

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Emotional Self Defense

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We all have done and said things that we regretted; we have all had relationships that were disappointing and experiences that we wish were different. No one is free from having felt anger, hurt, and shame. However, long after a painful experience is over, we may still keep the pain alive by thinking about it, feeling it, and not letting it go. Some may even experience illness because of it. When you have a painful experience, you may wish that you could JUST GET OVER IT, but "letting go is a process" that has to do with learning to use the art of "Emotional Self-Defense." This class will introduce you to the process of emotional self-defense, so you can begin to let go of old hurts, resentments, and disappointments.

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Understanding Your Emotions

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Everyone has emotions, yet very few people understand the extent to which emotions influence health, well-being, relationships, and behavior. This class will explore our emotions to help us understand what they tell us about ourselves and our relationships and how to use them as a guide. This class will help you understand that your emotions are your reactions to your experiences and the only one in charge is you. Since emotions play such a vital role in both our emotional and physical well-being, it is vital to learn how to understand and manage them.

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Overcoming Helplessness

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Do you have a situation that makes you feel helpless? Perhaps you don’t make enough money, don’t feel loved, don’t like your body image, or feel like a failure. Feelings of helplessness result from the lack of control you feel about changing a given situation. Once you begin to feel helpless, you may not be able to see any solutions. This class will help you discover the reasons for your helpless feelings and guide you to begin tap into more of your personal power. Personal power is the opposite of helplessness, and personal power is the ability to achieve what you want.  It is your personal power that brings you the feeling of success and happiness. This class will help you understand how to start taking the steps to overcome the feeling of helplessness by drawing from your personal power.

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Manifesting Your Desire

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We all have desires.  Whether you desire something material like wanting a new house, making more money, or taking a luxurious vacation; or you desire something intangible like wanting a meaningful relationship, feeling safe, independent or confident, all of these desires depend on your ability to manifest. It is difficult to understand why our own vibration is responsible for attracting our desires. This class will explore the reasons why some of our desires seem to manifest easily and others seem unattainable, or why some people seem consistently lucky while others seem unlucky. Manifesting is directly proportional to your attitude. Changing your thoughts, attitude and vibration can be learned and must be practiced regularly to see results. This class can help you understand the steps you need to take to manifest your desires.

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Relationship Roles

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It might take two to tango, but a successful relationship start with you. Before you can have a successful relationship with someone else, you must have a successful relationship with yourself. This class will help you understand why it is important for an individual to be responsible for having a clearly defined sense of his or her own identity and individuality before entering any relationship. It will also explore your role in creating the potential for healthy intimacy, commitment, sharing and growing in your relationships.

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Argument Skills - Getting Your Point Across Without Getting Angry

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Having your own opinion is healthy and a sign of good self esteem. So why is it so difficult for so many individuals to express a difference of opinion without the exchange turning into a heated argument, power struggle or verbal attack? In this class you will learn that arguing becomes emotional when we take it personally and feel attacked. You will also learn that the ability to argue without emotion is a skill that can be learned and practiced. By implementing and practicing these skills, it should be easier to get your point across effectively without engaging the emotions.

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Understanding Fear

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Has fear ever stopped you from doing something you wanted to do? By giving fear power,  you give it control over your life. This class will help you understand more about what causes fear, why it can feel so difficult to change, and what you can do to face your fears. If you are feeling controlled by fear, this class will help you begin to understand what you need to do to take back your control.

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What is Happiness?

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What is the driving force behind of all of your desires? Why do you want a bigger house, an intimate relationship, a more fulfilling job, a better figure, or better health? In actuality, you really just want to be happy, and everyone has a different idea of what will make him/her happy. Many people go from one job to another, or from one relationship to another, or from buying something bigger and better, hoping it will bring them happiness. This class will help you clarify what happiness means to you and what it will take to make you truly happy. When you begin to understand that happiness is an inside job and that nothing on the outside can ever truly make you happy, you will begin to make the changes in your life that will bring you happiness.  

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What You Believe Is What You Get

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There is a lot of truth to the saying, “ If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. ” Nothing impacts you more than your own beliefs. If you believe that you are a successful person, you most likely live your life in a positive way. If you believe that you are a failure that too will impact your life in a negative way. This class will help you understand how you developed your beliefs, why they are important, and why “what you believe is what you get.” The class will help you begin to challenge many of your childhood beliefs that may be limiting what you believe is possible for you to achieve now.

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Fear Of Change

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Once you embrace change (of any kind) NOTHING CAN STOP YOU from moving ahead.  Letting go of the past does not mean letting go of the lesson, but it does necessitate letting go of the hurt, pain or any emotion that is attached to it. 
The key to a happier future is learning to become open to change.  Learn to have the courage to begin to overcome your fear of change. Only by pushing past your fears can you discover the possibilities of the next chapter of your life. The class will address concerns regarding trust and courage, personal balance and confrontation, and releasing old patterns of behavior.

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Denial, Is It Good?

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There are times that unconsciously use denial as a defense mechanism when it is difficult to face something about ourselves or someone close to us.  Is denial good or bad? It depends. Denial can help you cope with severe pain or overwhelming problems, but denial can also act as a barrier to avoid or delay dealing with issues that need appropriate attention and action. This class will help you recognize when using denial is acceptable and when it can be unhealthy. The class will also explore the driving forces at the root of denial, and help you evaluate your own patterns of behavior in regard to denial. 

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How To Get Courage

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When one thinks of a courageous person, they think of a firefighter going into a blazing building saving the life of a child or a soldier heading off to battle.  These people are indeed very courageous, but courage is not defined in extreme deeds alone.  We are all courageous every day.  This class will help you recognize that courage comes from within.  It comes from having integrity, speaking your mind, taking responsibility and risks with your life so positive changes occur.

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Emotional Objectivity

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Can you be emotionally objective?  Can you assume responsibility for yourself and respect others to assume the responsibility for themselves? Each person is the owner of his/her life. You, and only you, are the keeper of your emotions, your thoughts, your mind, and your desires. This class will help you begin to understand how everything you are, have been, and will be is a result of the choices you make, the action you take, and the degree of consistency that you apply to reach your goals. It will also explore the importance of allowing others to do the same. Practicing emotional objectivity can help you develop emotional independence and free you from co-dependent behaviors.

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Words Can Be Hurtful

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Many of us don’t give much thought to the way we speak to others. However, we should because the words that we speak in haste, in anger, or without thinking can be very hurtful. When used positively, words can be uplifting or even healing; when used negatively, words can leave scars. What message do you want to communicate with your words? Are you aware of the impact your words have on your children, significant other, friends, or your co-workers?  This class will help you become more aware of your feelings and how they influence the way you express yourself so you can take more responsibility in your communication with others.

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Guilt Can Make you?

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Do you feel guilty when you say no, make a mistake or not live up to your own expectations? Feeling guilty does not serve a positive purpose, and the shame and remorse that you feel can rob you of your energy, happiness and sense of freedom. As long as you continue to feel guilty, your feelings of self- worth and confidence suffer. This class will help you understand why you need to learn to set boundaries, why you need to forgive yourself and others, and why and how you can stop feeling guilty, so you can begin to focus on more postive emotions.    

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It is very hard to start a new relationship, of course, this dating class is not about what you look like or what he or she looks like, and how to prepare yourself to look pretty or how to say the right thing, NO.  It is about learning what you are looking for in a relationship, what do you want in your life and understanding why you are dating or seeking this new relationship.  Do you know what personality qualities you are looking for in someone? Do you know when not to settle just because your self esteem tells you that is the best you can have?  Do you know how to spot the liars?

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Learning to maintain a positive attitude can mean the difference between triumphing over difficult circumstances and succumbing to them. However, it’s not always easy to hold the mind steady when fear and uncertainty enter our lives. Cultivating a positive outlook will help you survive hard times if and when they happen,

  • How about you? Are you thinking positively? Or has your thinking become negative?  Are you wishing you could maintain a more positive attitude? Are you always in the middle of uproar and drama? Perhaps it’s time to stop and take a personal inventory.
  • Sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself only works for a short while. Eventually it is time to do something about it. How you plan to tackle your problems will greatly determine how well you resolve them and how much stress and anxiety you experience in the process.
  • There is not one single person who is born with a natural ability to remain positive. It takes work and effort to see the silver lining on the clouds that we encounter; and we must train our thoughts to remain optimistic when we experience challenges. Sustaining a positive attitude can bring success to your personal and professional life.


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Pride and Humbleness

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  • Pride is a sin when it becomes arrogance, conceit and vanity. Sinful pride exaggerates one’s abilities and accomplishments and ignores one’s imperfections and failings.
  • Pride makes people believe that they are better than everyone else and “above the rules” so that way they can rationalize behaviors such as lying, cheating, stealing, insulting, and refusing to accept authority over them ,trying to cover up deep feelings of inadequacy with having the best clothes, the best furniture, being the most fun at every party. It can be downright pitiful.
  • Pride stops people from learning and growing, apologizing when wrong, forgiving when is due time.  Pride make you hold on to pain and keeps happiness away.
  • Learn to let go of false pride and see how different your life can be.


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  • Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same. Your present actions determine your future. If you constantly moan and are dissatisfied with your circumstances, in the future you are sure to meet with more of the things you are unhappy about.
  • Our attitude is an asset, when you have the right attitude you can change anything for yourself that you wish to change. Our attitude influences our determination when we are faced with new challenges.
  • Your success or failure in life hinges on your how you see yourself. Don’t just react to your life, create your life. Change your thoughts from what you don’t want and what you don’t like into thoughts of what you do want and what you do like.


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Do you care what people think about you? Do you hold back from speaking up and saying what you really think or feel, desperately pleasing others comes from a fear of being ignored or rejected or abandoned. Do you Wonder too much “what others might think” Some tend to go overboard with it and as a result, their self-esteem depend on how much they do for others.

Do you lack assertiveness skills? Stop basing your self-worth on how much you do for other people. Come and joint us and learn to set boundaries, what is acceptable, what is not acceptable to you, and that the most important, effective and lasting approval is your acceptance of yourself.

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Confrontation is not more than defining your boundaries, what is acceptable to you and what is not.   What is it about confrontation that you fear? What is it that you dislike about confrontation? Do we continually keep silent about things that should be addressed?  How do we feel about ourselves when we consistently sweep things under the rug and act like it never happened? Come and join us and learn how to confront what you don’t like or want in your life.

Confrontation is always bigger in our minds than perhaps reality is. Learn the difference between argumentation and confrontation and set yourself free, do not feel uncomfortable anymore when you stand up for what you believe without being offensive or offended.

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