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To all our visitors:  Thank you for coming to explore our web site, www.naturesoptionsllc.com.  We truly appreciate your presence here.  We sincerely hope the information we share, the services we offer and the products we suggest help to contribute to your physical health, well-being and happiness. 

Please understand that we are not medical doctors, nor is this information prepared by a medical doctor or intended to provide medical advice.  Any person requiring medical attention should consult a medical doctor. Iridology does not name diseases.  Iridology reads tissue conditions and from that information, pre-dispositions and tendencies are notable.  Our philosophy, teachings, information, suggestions and services are designed to build body, mind and emotional awareness only and are not offered as cures. You are not expected to, nor will it be suggested that you stop taking your prescription medication or seeing your medical doctor. You must work with your doctor before discontinuing any drug.  Discontinuing a prescription without medical supervision can be life threatening.

We are sharing information we believe in and feel it is not commonly found in mainstream media.   We hope you have found this information helpful and that you are emotionally, mentally and physically ready to make the necessary changes to improve your quality of life.  It is not easy to make changes, but when you find the courage to do so, it will enrich every aspect of your life. If you decide to act on ideas found on this site, you do so at your own discretion. Self help requires intelligence, common sense, and the ability to take responsibility for your own actions.


With Gratitude


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A life would be remiss, if one does not acknowledge with gratitude those that have come before us, and have served as mentors. The following people have played such a role for me, some in person and others through the gift of literature:

In memory of my first teacher:

Dr. James Roebuck, D.C. from North Wales, Pennsylvania, the man who looked into my eyes when I was a young man and asked me if I had ever had asthma.  I became so intrigued as to how he knew, and when he handed me a book on Iridology and asked me if I would like to learn; He changed the course of my life.  Thank you, Jim.

To Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., N.D. for his personal teachings, his sense of humor, dedication, work and the legacy of his books that made me even more grateful of the gift of my first teacher, and love for this beautiful science.

To Dr. Harri Wolfe, M.A., for his personal teachings, friendship, easy going style of explaining this complicated science, and admiration for his pioneering work and introducing me to German Iridology.

To Dr. Joseph Deck for his life work and his books, "Principles of Iris Diagnosis", and "Differentiation of Iris Markings" (Institute for Fundamental Research in Iris Diagnosis) German Iridology.

To Dr.Willy Hauser (Institute for Fundamental Research in Iris Diagnosis) German Iridology for continuing and adding to Dr. Joseph Deck's work.

To Dr. J.R. Christopher (world renowned Herbalist), for inspiring me to learn more about the simple principals of the power of herbs.

Finally, to William (Billy) Dunn, a tough teacher who introduced me to the healing effects, and the powerful herbal combinations of  Dr. Christopher and other pioneers.  Billy forced me into presenting my first three day weekend Iridology Seminar replacing, Dr. Harri Wolfe, whether I was ready or not. What a challenge that was so many years ago!  We shared many other experiences together, including our time in Escondido, California with Dr Bernard Jensen. I also worked with Billy learning the herbal business.  I am forever grateful for the experiences and teachings of my friend, Billy Dunn.

Through their collaborative teaching and resources these men have provided me an opportunity to experience a career that I have been blessed to serve for over thirty-two years.   In recognition of these doctors, friends, and in the name of Iridology it is with the up most respect and appreciation that I share some of their direct wisdom and knowledge with you.


    • Science and Practice of Iridology: Jensen, Bernard, D.C., N.D.  Escondido, CA 1952
    • Fundamental Basis of Irisdiagnosis:  Kriege Theodore, L.N. Fowler Company, Limited, London 1978
    • Iridiagnosis and Other Diagnostic Methods: Lindlahr, Henry, M.D., Chicago, 1922


I would also like to acknowledge these field experts for their gift of literature.  

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  •  “The Nature Doctor”:  Vogel , H.C.A.,  Keats Publishing,  Inc  1952
  •  “Vitamins and Minerals”:  , Mervyn, Leonard,  Thorsons 1990
  •  “Health Secrets from the Bible – Natural Health”:   Deanne, Tenney,  Triumph Publishing Co,  Altedena  CA   1979
  •  “Healing Yourself “:  Gardner , Joy  The Crossing Press,  Freedom , CA 1989
  •  “Natural Health,  Natural Medicine”:  Weil, Andrew,  Mariner Books; Revised edition  2004
  • “The herbal guide to Stress Relief” :  David Hoffmann,  Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont 1986
  • “ Seven Keys To Vibrant Health”: Terry Lemerond,  Impakt Communications, 1995
  • “Herb Bible”:  Earl Mindell’s, Simon & Shuster   NY 1992
  • “Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child” :  Janet Zand, Rachel Walton  and Bob Rountree,  Avery Trade; 2 edition  2003
  • “The Healing Herbs”:  Castleman, Michael, Rodale Press,  Emmanaus PA 1991
  • “Herbs-The Magic Healers”:  Twitchell, Paul,  Tx Bookman Remainders; 2 Revised edition  1988
  • “The Way of Herbs”:   Tierra, Michael,  Pocket;  Original edition  1998
  • “Guide to Natural Healing”:  Dr.Whitaker,  Prima Publishing , Rocklin,  CA  1995
  • The Herbs of Life” Tierra, Lesley  The Crossing Press,  Freedom, CA 1992
  • “The Bach Flower Remedies”:   Bach, Edward,  McGraw-Hill; 1 edition 1998
  • “Think Yourself  Well”:  Ward, Bernard,  Globe Communications Corp 1995
  • “Herbs-Wonder Healers”:   Jensen, Bernard,  Jensen Publishing; 1st edition  1992
  • “Seven Spiritual Causes of Ill Health”:  Hanna Kroeger, Hanna 1988
  • “The Art of Reflexology”:   Dougan, Inge with  Elles, Suzanne,  Element Books Limited Shaftesbury, Dorset  1992
  • “Emotional Healing with Homeopathy”:   Chappell, Peter,  Element Books April 1994
  • Healing Power of Herbs”:  Lemerond,Terry,   Prima Publishing 1992
  • “The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies”:    Tenney, Louise,  Woodland Publishing;  Pleasant Grove, UT 1995
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  • “The complete Idiot's Guide to Eating Smart”:  Bauer, Joy, MS., R.D.,  Alpha Books, NY 1996

Special Thanks

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To Dr Amy Parkinson Wells, PsyD for her insight, help, creativity and development of this website.

To Judee Algazi for her contributions and her articles during the creation of this website.

To Cheryl Schweitzer for her wonderful work, fantastic creativity, dedication, friendship and hard work in the development of this website.


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