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At Nature’s Options LLC, our personal protocol recommendations include the use of  herbal nutrition. Because herbs contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals, nutritionally they can be used to correct imbalances and weaknesses in the body.

In addition, they can help make up for nutritional deficiencies and serve as health enhancers. Herbal nutrition will often increase the vitality of an organ system so that when the formula is discontinued normal function of the organ continues.

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With the use of herbal medicine and naturopathy, we believe that herbs can also correct nutritional deficiencies and initiate a powerful influence on the body systems.

A herbologist -views nature as a positive force, as a provider and as a teacher. 

Herbalist- is a practitioner of herbal medicine that uses plants or plant substances as medicine agents.

The Term Herb- has usually been used to refer to any plant or plant part valued for its medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities. 

How herbs are used in our protocol

Combing a single high potency herb in a formula often is the ideal plan for customizing an individual's herbal program. Sometimes the effects of different herbs overlap (share the same target), but they usually work through different mechanisms. So, even though two herbs might be helping to correct the same imbalance, each of them is working in an entirely different way.

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Taking a herbal nutritional formula

The nature of an individual's condition determines the length of time an herbal supplement or  nutritional formula is taken. Also, other factors such as pollutants, stress and poor diet may require the use of stronger, more potent herbal supplement to be used and taken more frequently. Herbs can be used as an additional source of nutrients and not as a cure or substitute for a balanced diet, exercise and medical attention when it is required. They are to be taken as part of complimentary medicine. They are not "magic bullets" and will not undo all the harm done by a poor diet and abusive lifestyle.

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What do I need to know about when taking herbs?

There are many factors to consider when taking herbs. Your decision making process begins with which herbal supplement to take, what dosage, how often to take the herb and how to find the best quality herb.

It can be difficult to know which herbs to take without a professional assessment and consulting. An iridology evaluation, which can be a great holistic experience, helps identify areas of weakness and imbalance in your system and can take the guess work out of knowing which herbs to take. We can then intelligently suggest the proper herbs, dosage, frequency and potency that are right for you.

Herbal medicine and common sense dictates that when starting an herb for the first time, it is best to begin with half the dose for the first two to three days. Individuals who are hypersensitive to their environment should start with a quarter dosages and then increase the dosage slowly in quarter increments. The elderly or those in a weakened condition should always start with a half dose or less.

When we do suggest an herb, we will also suggest a specific manufacturer. The reason for this is because not all manufacturers create their herbal preparations equally. Herbal preparations are only as vital as the plants used to prepare the remedy. Through a process referred to as “Full Spectrum Standardization," the potency and consistency of an herbal product is maintained without compromising the “wholeness" characteristics of a plant. For this reason at Nature's Options, LLC. we strongly suggest the use of certain brands in our personal protocols. We know that the suggested brand meets our criteria for potency and efficiency.

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Herbs and Conventional Approaches?

Natural and conventional approaches can be used to complement and support each other in helping to create health in each person. It is not our intention to suggest that conventional medicine is unnecessary. However, perhaps the knowledge of natural approaches will encourage some who suffer, to seek within themselves the real origin of their maladies so that they may assist themselves in their own healing.

Our natural health care oriented suggested dietary changes, herbs, minerals, vitamin supplements and life style adjustments are intended to compliment and not replace your physician’s recommendations. Sometimes combining the best of both worlds makes the most logical sense.

 Furthermore, the power and potency of nutritional herbs are very real, and they must be used appropriately. Herbs contain active ingredients and you should be aware that some of these elements may interact negatively with prescribed medications. Therefore, despite their effectiveness, it is wise to consult a health professional when there is any question of safety.

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