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What is Life Coaching?

"You can not attempt to heal the body without healing the head." - Plato

beanie with magnifier It is difficult to define health other than to say it is feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally. Our bodies, minds and emotions constantly process our changing experiences. How we handle these changes on all levels determines how healthy we are.

What is the primary cause of our health imbalances? Is it our body's inability to process and digest a faulty diet? Is it our emotional stress because of the life we think we should have, compared to the one we live? Is it our thoughts that dwell in negative events, therefore running our nervous system through hell?

All of the above reasons can contribute to our heath problems. When any of them attack at any given time, it is hard to feel good.

Perhaps what you need is a new set of skills and understanding to help change your thoughts. Perhaps a new way of approaching your life is needed to see stubborn negative emotions evaporate. Changing your thoughts and dealing with your feelings is not easy. It takes courage and a strong desire for something new and different in your life. With life coaching you will learn and discover your innate ability to create what you want.

At Natures Options llc., our unique healing center for natural options we use self empowerment classes, weekend seminars and one on one personal consulting to help direct and instruct a person or group of people, with the objective of achieving some goal or developing specific skills. These classes and weekend seminars are motivational, and can be a positive rebuilding experience. Your coach will help you look at where you are now and where you'd like to be. With new understanding, work and vision, it is easier to achieve what we most desire, when your body, your mind and your emotions work in the same direction is hard not to feel good


Emotional Counseling

Sometimes dealing with our emotions is not an easy thing to do, and sometimes a little help is all we need to help us understand how to get over a particular thought or emotion that has been hanging around a long time and causing us pain. At natures Options llc. We believe we can help by helping you see yourself from a different point of view, truly understanding what you always have known, and that is to accept the things you can not change and not dwell and live in your past constantly hurting yourself with shame and guilt and carrying low self esteem issues every place and relationship you go to.

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It is important for all of us to realize that we are in charge of our feelings; our mind does what we program it to do. We can either, program ourselves with self-imposed limitations that keep us from reaching our full potential or break free of our self limitations and live with joy and fulfillment. It feels refreshing and comforting to use the power of your mind to discover what is making you unhappy.


Call 215.481.0321 or email us at mario@naturesoptionsllc.com for an appointment or additional information.

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