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  • Have you ever walk into a health food store and become overwhelmed by the number of products available out there with weird names?
  • In your pursuit of happiness and better health, maybe you have a pile of self help material hoping it will provide the answers you desperately need, but there is so much information out there. How do you know what’s right for you? .
  • Let our 30 years of experience in nature’s options be your guide through the maze of choices and take the guess work out of your health. Treat yourself to one of our weekly Life Changing classes that cover a multitude of personal challenges.

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  • Since every (body) is not the same, we use the following methods to guide our recommendations for you:

    Change is accomplished through the following methods:

  • Emotions (Emotional Iridology)
  • Sometimes bad emotions from past experiences can cause a problem with health. Sometimes a deficiency in a specific nutrient can cause a problem with health. Sometimes it’s both and sometimes it can be neither. Come let our experience and methods of evaluation take the guess work out of your health. Give us a call when you’re ready to feel better. WE PROVIDE NATURAL OPTIONS, we do not diagnose disease. We help by using targeted nutritional support to help your body begin feeling better within days or weeks.


    beanie in the mirror Iridology is the science and practice that reveals inflammation, where is located and in what stage it is manifesting. Iridology is based upon the principles of reflexology, what is seen in the iris fibers is merely an indication of what is taking place in another area of the body.

    Iridology deals with a reflex representation of the activity levels of the various organs of the body, projected into the iris fibers by nerves receiving information from the thalamus and hypothalamus of the brain.

    The thalamus and hypothalamus are central “Relay stations” in the brain, receiving information from every organ, gland, and tissue in the body, and passing it along to the iris, in turn the iris is “Mapped out” in such a way that each part of its “Geography” represents a specific part of the body.

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    Emotions (Emotional Iridology)

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    The eyes are beautifully designed to give insight and understanding of our individual personality.  Personality is often described as a person’s unique pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving.  Generally personality is consistent throughout life, and gaining insight into the strengths and weaknesses of our personality can dramatically improve our effectiveness in relationships and at work. 

    Markings in the colored part of the eye not only represent physical strengths and weaknesses but personality make up as well.  The eyes demonstrate some common personalities.  We each have unique combinations of traits and experiences that become a part of our personality and become manifest in our relationships.  

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    Life Coaching

    life coaching cats Life Coaching is a method of directing and instructing a person or group of people, with the objective of achieving some goal or developing specific skills. Having a Life Coach is motivational, and can be a positive rebuilding experience. Your coach will help you look at where you are now and where you'd like to be. With new understanding, work and vision, it is easier to achieve what we most desire, when your body, your mind and your emotions work in the same direction is hard not to feel good.

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    Hair Analysis!!!

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    What is a hair tissue mineral analysis?

    A hair tissue mineral analysis simply stated is a screening test that measures the mineral content of your hair. However, a hair tissue mineral analysis is much more than a test for minerals. Providing a blueprint of one’s biochemistry, a hair tissue mineral analysis can provide pertinent information about your metabolic rate, energy levels, carbohydrate tolerance, and stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity. This screening test can also be used to reduce the guesswork involved when recommending nutritional supplements and dietary modifications.

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    Classes and Workshops

    classes An ongoing self- empowerment program

    Do you ever wonder what stops you from feeling confident, having better self-esteem, and living life to the fullest?  Some people never find out.  Our Life coaching classes take you on a personal journey to help you discover what is holding you back and help you heal in a safe, professional setting. We help you  improve your self-esteem, have more confidence, and improve your feelings of self-worth: The very factors that influence everything in your life.

    Life Coaching Classes at Nature’s Options LLC are life changing classes. They teach you valuable communication skills to help you cope and feel more confident, effective, and respected in all of your relationships. With these skills, you can begin to attract and enjoy more positive experiences. Perhaps you want to be more successful, experience a meaningful intimate relationship, or feel loved. 

     Perhaps you hear yourself saying, “I’m not lucky" or "I'm not popular" or "I gain weight whatever I eat" or I never make money; those thoughts reinforce old patterns that will attract to you what you believe in. 
     Mario can help you identify, evaluate and change old beliefs and find new ways to view yourself and your patterns, so you can enjoy new possibilities in your relationships, career, health, etc.

    If you are ready to explore and let go of old patterns, if you are open to a more positive way of feeling and thinking, if you are ready to create the life you truly want, then our life coaching classes are for you.

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    Call 215.481.0321 or email us at mario@naturesoptionsllc.com for an appointment or additional information.


    Nutritional Supplements

    nutritional supplements One of the more controversial subjects is the role of vitamins and minerals supplementation, do we need supplements and if so, why and to what extend do we take these extra micronutrients.

    It depends in the life that you have!!

    Vitamins and minerals are regulating substances and they are like a match, who ignites the fuel supply, they act like spark plugs in your automobile engine, igniting the gasoline mixture which turns the wheels when you step on the accelerator.

    Enzymes, vitamins and minerals work as a team triggering the vital chemical reactions necessary to maintain life; supplementation may be required by those whose life styles increase their needs for certain nutrients. Stress, smoking, alcohol, incorrect diet, medications, can reduce absorption of vitamins and minerals from foods or cause them to be excreted in abnormal quantities; therefore, for some more than others supplementation is needed.

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    Herbal Nutrition

    herbal nutrition Every herb has its own biochemical personality, so to speak, meeting certain need in the body. There are herbs that seem to do only one thing, like promote catarrhal elimination. There are other herbs that have multiple effects, which are to help relieve many symptoms and help reverse the course of many diseases.

    Different herbs are used to help different problems, individual herbs and herbal combinations can be found for every system in the body. Some herbs benefit the nervous system, and others the circulatory, glandular, immune, respiratory, intestinal, urinary and the skeletal and muscular systems. Herbs are known to be rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, herbs are foods, although very special health enhancing foods, and their potency is often accompanied by a gentleness that makes the great majority of them safe and full of undesirable side effects, there are herbs, however, that must be used with caution, and there are herbs too dangerous to use without supervision, so we must be careful using herbs, just as we are using foods.

    Herbs work in harmony with foods, restoring balance in the body and speeding up healing because they safely stimulate key processes and structure in the body, while foods provide the nutrients needed to rebuild, replace and repair damage tissue.

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    Call 215.481.0321 or email us at mario@naturesoptionsllc.com for an appointment or additional information.


    Targeted Nutritional Protocols

    man with clipboard Some places give the same list of recommendations to everyone with similar discomforts.

    At Nature’s Options, we know every(body) is not the same.

    A targeted protocol is a list of foods, vitamins, herbs, supplements, teas, creams, salves, and/or exercises that is created specifically to meet your particular needs.

    This will include what you should eat, what foods you should avoid, as well as particular nutrients, delivered in capsule or liquid formulas that will make an improvement in your health. When you are taking the appropriate nutrients for your body, you will feel a change in a matter of days.

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    Dietary Changes

    girl eating apple It is impossible to suggest a correct diet which will work for everyone, and there are certainly contradictory theories concerning all types of nutritional regiments, there are plenty of nutritional and diet information. Some claim a high protein diet is the answer, others swear by a high fiber low carbohydrate routine, and some recommend high amounts of complex carbohydrates. But it is important to use common sense. Consider your own individual body needs, what is right for you now, may not work for your body in a few years. At different times in our lives, we need different amounts of specific nutrients.

    The natural approach to diet in the other hand is quite simple. A health promoting diet provides optimal levels of all known nutrients and very low levels of food components which are detrimental to health, such as white sugar, saturated fats, and cholesterol, salt, and food additives.

    Incorrect diet, although pleasurable to the palate, can be the direct cause of bad heath which can make life unpleasant.

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    Please consider a broken appointment as a loss to us, you, and other people. We require 24 hour notification to avoid a cancellation fee. The services provided by Nature’s Options, LLC  are not covered by traditional healthcare or medical plans.  For your convenience, we will accept Visa, MasterCard, Checks or Cash.  



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