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Thirteen Convincing Reasons to Eat this Superfood


"Thirteen Reasons to Start Eating Bananas"

by Judee Algazi

                       1. Bananas provide an instant energy boost, along with B vitamins, minerals and fiber

When you need a quick energy boost, grab a banana. What could be easier?  They do not require refrigeration, they are easy to digest and are readily available. Athletes know this secret and depend on bananas and their added nutrients to fuel their bodies for strenuous exercise. Just two bananas can provide enough energy to sustain a 90 minute workout. Their B vitamins nourish the nervous system, minerals aid muscles and fiber helps lower cholesterol and is a factor in healthy elimination. So, next time you need a quick energy boost, forget the granola bar and grab one of nature's snacks, a health giving satisfying banana.

2. Why bananas can help you relieve stress:


Bananas contain a substantial amount of potassium, a vital mineral that helps regulate heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain, and normalizes the body's water balance. When we are stressed, the metabolic rate automatically increases and this in turn lowers the body's potassium levels. Bananas are rich in potassium and can help restore the body's potassium levels.

3. Feeling Sad or Depressed?


Bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin . Higher serotonin levels in the brain can help you relax, improve your mood and make your feel happier. Eating a banana can help raise your levels. So, when you are feeling blue, try a banana before you delve into the junk food. The nutritious low calorie banana may be just what you need to help lift your serotonin levels and thus your spirits.

4. Battling High Blood Pressure?


Bananas to the rescue again. The banana is high in potassium and low in salt, making it an ideal for lowing blood pressure. The US Food and Drug Administration allows the banana industry to endorse bananas as a food that can help lower the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. This nutritious fruit is a power food when it comes to good health.

5. Problems with Constipation ?


Before resorting to a laxative, first try eating two large bananas. The bulk of the two may help restore bowel function. Better yet, to avoid constipation, try make eating bananas part of your daily routine. Their high fiber content may help keep you regulated.

6 Experiencing Heartburn?


The natural anti-acid type properties in a banana may help relieve your heartburn. Why suffer? Try a banana for natural relief.

7. Want to avoid Morning sickness?


Bananas have long been known for their soothing effects on eliminating morning sickness. Eating bananas between meals, helps keep the blood sugar up and thus may lower the incidence of morning sickness.

8. Have a Hangover?


Make a banana smoothie using bananas, milk, and honey . This smoothie helps coat the stomach, re-hydrate the body, and balance blood sugar levels. Many say it works quickly and gives great relief.

9. Got Ulcers?


Bananas are the only raw fruit that can usually be eaten without distress for those with severe cases. Its soft texture and smoothness makes it an ideal food for intestinal disorders. It is excellent for coating the lining of the stomach which helps reduce irritation and neutralizes acidity.

10.Looking for a natural way to get rid of Warts?


The relief is in the peel. Many people say that by wrapping the inside of the banana peel over the wart and securing it in place with tape, they are able to get rid of the wart. Use bananas that are somewhat green. The active healing compounds diminish as the banana ripens. Soak the wart  in warm water allowing the wart to soften. Rough the wart with an Emory board so it is better exposed to the banana peel. Cover  the wart with the inside of fresh peel and secure in place with a large bandage. Those who have used it say it takes at least 3-5 treatments but within 2 weeks their wart disappeared. ( Of course check with your doctor before trying this)

11. Want to sooth Mosquito Bites?


Again the inside of the peel is to the rescue. Rub mosquito bites with the inside of the peel to help reduce swelling and irritation.

12. Troubled by Anemia ?


Bananas also contain significant amount of iron. Iron stimulates the production of hemoglobin in the blood  which may help in the case of anemia.

13. Looking for a tasty treat?


Try dark chocolate dipped frozen bananas.

bananas dipped in chocolate

Peel bananas and insert a Popsicle stick in one end to halfway through banana. Freeze on cookie sheet until frozen ( about 8 hours) . Remove from freezer and dip banana in melted dark chocolate chips.

bananas14. Feel bloated ? Eat a banana before bedtime. bananas



Bananas contain a fructooligosacharides compounds that support your intestinal good bacteria. These bacteria are necessary to eliminate yeast overgrowth which may make your stomach puffy. In the morning your stomach may feel somewhat  flatter.


You have heard the old saying, " An apple a day keeps the doctor away" but by now you may begin to feel that way about the banana. You have always known that bananas are good for you, but did you know how much they have to offer? Bananas have many qualities that are thought to contribute to optimal health. In comparison to an apple, they have twice the protein value, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron, and twice as many other vitamins and minerals.

To keep bananas from ripening too quickly, separate your bananas. They ripen more slowly  when they are separated from the bunch.


Judee Algazi is an educator and intuitive coach. In her private practice, she works with individuals to release negative emotional patterns.

Call 215.481.0321 for information or email: mario@naturesoptionsllc.com

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