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Targeted Nutritional Protocols

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Stop Guessing!

Iridology is a useful alternative health tool to guide us in correcting imbalances, improving energy, vitality and overall well being. Iridology serves as a direct means in obtaining information for the development of personalized protocols designed to address your specific needs. The bulk of our work begins once we have completed the initial Iridology consultation.

What to Expect During Your Appointment?
  • Initial appointment approximately 30-60 minutes
  • Your iris will be examined using a high powered Kowa SL-7 microscope.
  • Evaluation is entirely painless.
  • You will be treated with courtesy and respect
  • We promise to listen
  • You will receive individualized nutritional recommendations like dietary changes, herbs, vitamins, minerals supplements and life style adjustments that we call protocols. Each unique protocol will be developed using the obtained information from your eyes. You will receive the protocol in the mail about one week or so depending in the amount of work or research required after your visit.
  • Return visits: initial follow-up approximately in 4 to 6 weeks (30 minutes).  Subsequent appointments will be made on an as needed basis only.
(Note: if you wear contact lens please bring case and solution.)

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During your iridology examination,  we are able to see:

  • Effect of stress on the body
  • Underlying cause of imbalance (perhaps already diagnosed by your physician)
  • Predisposition and tendencies
  • Hereditary weakness
  • Body constitution
  • Behavior, emotional, & personality makeup
  • Effect of lifestyle on your health

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We take the information provided through the iris and put together a comprehensive nutritional protocol based on our experience and published information.  Since no two eyes are exactly the same the protocol will be unique to you.  This targeted nutritional protocol, which can take 5-10 business days to put together, consists of our diet, supplement, and lifestyle modification recommendations that will help your body.  If you are on the right vitamins, minerals and herbs, you should feel the difference!

These suggestions are designed to correct imbalances in your system, rid toxic buildup that may be causing unpleasant symptoms and nourish your organs to help them gain strength and vitality. Our intention is that when the nutritional formula is discontinued, the organs will function at their peak to work efficiently on their own, providing maximum health benefits to you and a great sense of well-being.

We take great care to insure that all the herbal recommendations interact harmoniously. In addition, we only suggest herbs and supplements that have been manufactured in the United States and have been tested for safety and accurate potency.


At Nature’s Options, LLC. our Targeted Protocols work because:

  • Iridology reveals the areas of the body that are the weakest, or need the most help.  Our protocols target these areas.
  • If you are on the right nutrients for your body-you will know it very quickly
  • A personal protocol will give you a plan to follow, indicating which herbs, vitamins and lifestyle changes will most benefit you.

When you begin taking your nutritional protocol, you are taking the first step to making the positive changes in your life that may help you correct imbalances, feel great, increase your energy and vitality and reduce your risks of developing life-threatening diseases.

How long will it take before I feel better?
On average people tend to feel better within 4-6 weeks.  Unfortunately it is not the same for everyone.  Some may take longer depending on the length of time a problem has been around.  It is unnecessary to take the wrong supplements for the rest of your life because of some unfelt benefit.  If it’s the right supplements you will know it.

How hard is this going to be?
Any change is hard.  Some people however are ready to make the effort, they just don’t know where to begin or what they’ve been doing doesn’t seem to be benefiting them. Improved health is not an accident but a skill that becomes easier as you learn what your individual body needs.  If you accept the responsibility to create your own health you will succeed.
Good health is a skill that becomes easier as you learn about what your individual body needs.  A good “teacher” can make all the difference.

Please be aware that you will not become healthy if all you choose to do is take supplements.  You must eat a healthy diet and stop eating the foods that make you sick.   Don’t be fooled into thinking supplements can replace healthy eating.  There are innumerable amounts of nutrients in foods that are as yet unnamed and the benefit to the body undetermined.


Understand that you may continue to enjoy dining out and the occasional party once you begin your protocol.  Please do so and enjoy! It’s not what we do on special occasions that hurt us.  It’s what we do (or don’t do) every day.

We are not medical doctors, we use the principals of alternative health, we believe in herbal medicine to address imbalances, alternative healing takes place when we ourselves take the responsibility of the health of our body by avoiding foods that are not good for us now, and learning how to handle the daily stressor that are causing our heath to deteriorate, sometimes we can not change what is affecting us in the outside but we can definitely change what is affecting us in the inside, that you do have control.

Alternative health, alternative healing, alternative medicine, self help, holistic health, wellness, complimentary medicine, nutrition, natural healing, etc. All of this names simply mean that you are the driver of your life, that you know you need to change certain things in your life mentally, emotionally. And physically to keep your health and you are willing to do it.

If you are unhappy with your life, job, relationships,  that can also be affecting your physical health, if you are taking a prescription medicine to reduce your blood pressure but you continue eating the wrong no good for you foods and feeling emotionally the same way, sooner or later that medicine is not going to work for you any more. At Natures Options LLC., we offer classes for personal growth and development, we offer education for you to understand that you are the driver of your life, your life is your body, and we give you information if you want to take care of yourself.

Give us a call at 215.481.0321 or email us at Mario@naturesoptionsllc.com to setup an appointment or request additional information.  We are here to help.  Your good health is our only concern.

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Our suggested dietary changes, herbs, vitamins, mineral supplements and lifestyle adjustments, are intended to complement not replace your physician recommendations.  Stopping any medication without the guidance and approval of your medical doctor can be dangerous.  It’s up to you whether you want to follow our nutritional protocols or not, but please understand to do so does not mean stopping recommended medical treatment.  Keep your doctor aware of what you are doing.

Please understand:
We are not  medical doctors, nor is this information prepared by a medical doctor.  Any person requiring medical attention should consult a medical doctor. Our 30 years of experience using Iridology, herbal nutrition, dietary counseling, supplement recommendation, and consulting on emotions however enable us to pinpoint areas that need strengthening.  Only physician’s can diagnose and treat disease, but as you work with your doctor, you may certainly benefit from nature’s wisdom and common sense laws to strengthen weaknesses and correct imbalances.  As healthy lifestyle “teacher’s” we offer a choice of modalities that would most benefit you.

Iridology does not name diseases.  Iridology reads tissue conditions and from that information, pre-dispositions and tendencies are notable.

Our philosophy, teachings, information, suggestions and services are designed to build body, mind and emotional awareness only and are not offered as cures, proper care from a physician should not be avoided, discarded or delayed when there is a reason to seek professional help.

You are not expected to, nor will it be suggested that you stop taking your prescription medication (if any).  If you are currently taking prescription medication, you absolutely must work with your doctor before discontinuing any drug.  Discontinuing a prescription without medical supervision can be life threatening.

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